Hangar’s software stack brings insight-rich aerial intelligence to industry

What do we do?

Hangar, the world’s first robotics-as-a-service data acquisition platform, helps firms dramatically increase efficiency, showcase content and integrate more actionable insights into their workflows.

Hundreds of Hangar clients manage portfolios, track projects, and showcase property locations with our premium aerial data software products, all without having to handle any of the logistics of owning, acquiring, flying or editing the data from drones.

The Hangar Experience

Our complete data acquisition solutions empower Hangar clients to leverage a nation-wide network of licensed, insured pilots to capture projects of all scopes, with post-processing executed in the Hangar cloud. This is the foundation of the Hangar platform, which delivers insight-rich products built to drive ROI to our customers.

We don’t stop there, we’re on the ground and in the office with our clients,
building and tuning the interfaces that bring you value.

With Hangar you can see your data organized, with context and even over-time.
All without any in-house acquisition, logistics or processing.

Best of all, we’re just getting started.

Learn how Hangar can help you manage more efficient construction projects

Find out how Hangar is building an automated platform technology for enterprise solutions.

Discover new Aerial Content marketing solutions for your commercial properties.

The Future?

A deep-learning empowered data world that will transform industry insight acquisition and save clients billions.
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