Bridging a broken stack with new technology

A New Technology Platform

Presently, the drone industry is a broken stack containing a mixture of hardware and software technologies that are spread far and wide in both design and application.

Solutions available for commercial clients today are either strictly services, or a do-it-yourself engagement for managing an in-house drone program for acquisition, processing and interpretation of aerial data.

Hangar’s mission is to build a platform to replace this broken stack by building new technology to help unlock the industry's true commercial potential, valued by Gartner at over $130b.

At Hangar, we're focused on building a robust ecosystem of technology to drive value from a combination of robotics, sensor deployment, visual intelligence and aerial data.


Autopilot allows for the creation and sharing of autonomous flight plans, utilizing an incredibly powerful set of tools to control every aspect of drone and sensor. With the deepest integration in the DJI SDK of any app on the market, we offer industry-first capabilities to power autonomy across all commercial applications. The proof is in the results, with over 200k+ executed autonomous flights and over a 99.9% software success rate.


The HangarOps platform connects commercial orders with licensed drone pilots through state-of-the-art dispatch and matching algorithms for fast aerial data collection of Hangar client jobs. Our dispatch interface for training, onboarding, and connecting licensed operators to Hangar work, viewing that work in progress, and tracking jobs at scale.


Hangar’s JobSight product brings actionable insights to construction, inspection, and data acquisition projects across the world, easier than any other method of aerial information gathering on the market.

Aerial Dashboard

The Aerial Dashboard product allows businesses to effectively organize, integrate, and present aerial data from across their projects.

Hangar 360

Hangar 360 shows the true potential of future drone technology as an automated end-to-end system that autonomously controls drone flight, image capture, and data upload to the Hangar Cloud for processing and instantaneous product delivery.

These solutions are just the beginning of our mission; building the most powerful and comprehensive software stack for aerial data in industry.

We believe that the power of aerial data is only as strong as the architecture behind it.

The opportunity presented by Hangar’s ecosystem is for industries to be able to take advantage of higher resolution data than satellite imagery, at lower cost, with fast turnaround, at scale. If you’re asking the question “what can aerial data do for my business”, we have the answer.

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