An immersive, interactive map with all of your aerial content in one place

A simple, custom solution for aerial portfolio integration online

Aerial views bring additional context to the areas around housing developments, commercial real estate properties, transportation, construction, vacation rental listings, tourist attractions and a myriad of other sources.  In addition to providing beautiful 360 photos and videos of locations, and information rich-user interfaces to engage with content, Hangar also wants to ensure you can showcase this content in an accessible way to any user in groups.

Our aerial dashboard product lets you organize and present Hangar aerial content from an easy-to integrate, auto-updated online map.

Experience an Aerial Dashboard firsthand

Your data, one place

All your aerial products in one device-friendly, easy to navigate map

Live Content Updates

New data can be automatically added to your live dashboard as its captured

Seamless Web Integration

The map can stand alone, or is easily integrated directly into you website

See how a prominent commercial firm integrated Hangar's aerial dashboard