Hangar's View of the Aerial Landscape

The Current State of Drones

Right now there are innovations abound in the drone and aerial data industries. Hardware available off-the-shelf to consumers contains a staggering amount of technology, and companies around the globe are building custom software solutions for every industry. Analysts agree that the impact on global industry presented by aerial data will be staggering, and industries are beginning to prepare for this impact with pilot programs and hardware adoption. Now that legal commercial operations can easily be performed over much of the globe, the only thing holding back the mass-adoption of this technology is insight-rich applications that truly deliver value to business over time. That’s where Hangar comes in.

The Hangar Difference

The leading platform for acquisition and integration of aerial data into industry, our systems architecture handles the logistics, capture, processing and presentation of aerial data, you focus on the results.

System Architecture

At Hangar, our platform is built to provide an end-to-end, data-driven solution for industry. The Hangar platform includes the most robust ground control system for DJI drones, matched with scalable cloud processing infrastructure for the data captured by those drones, and this is all accessible to clients via product interfaces or API.

Operations Scale

Hangar's licensed pilot network and industry partnerships enable operational scale for client projects worldwide. We can execute projects from small test cases in multiple environments to huge land-grab data acquisitions.

Insight-Rich Products

The solutions that Hangar provides for industry aren’t just about data, they’re about products and interfaces that drive true value to industry by making intelligent decision-making quicker and easier both inside your business, and for your clients.

Building data-driven solutions for the future

At Hangar, our platform will enable a world where high-resolution, insight-rich aerial data for any location or project worldwide is so easily acquirable it will become akin to a utility for the infrastructure and inspection industries and beyond.

Our software drives data into interfaces for industry, but also provides data via API directly into client systems. Integration with our ecosystem of partner technologies enables rich insight to be acquired from this aerial data, and the improvements in data analyzation over the coming years will present unprecedented possibility for bottom-line impact for tech-forward firms who integrate aerial data.

At Hangar, we know that the development of this tech will happen hand-in-hand with industry partners who desire to be on the cutting-edge of data integration.

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