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Offering a full range of aerial data for the architectural industry

Convey your vision with state-of-the-art aerial data. Win more jobs with immersive pre-visualization that takes half the time of conventional 3D modeling. Manage construction administration and monitor the quality of the design process from your desktop or mobile device!

Turn Aerial Data into Actionable Insights

Aerial data can significantly improve the speed and quality of the design process. Drones are able to capture high-resolution videos and images that can be used in many scenarios. 3D Project renderings can be integrated into aerial site videos to showcase the entire project from a bird’s eye view. 2D and 3D orthomosaics can drastically reduce the time spent creating plant life and enable faster and more accurate creation of Digital Terrain Models for elevation and topography needs.

Recurring Aerial Data can be used to:

  • Provide weekly project updates on construction progress
  • Confirm projects are being built according to specifications
  • Resolve unforeseen issues to avoid construction delays
  • Review contractor’s payments during construction
  • Confirm if building and environmental codes are being met
  • Resolve disputes or litigation with historical project data

Not just a content provider, our technology team builds cutting edge aerial products

Click, Drag and Experience a Hangar Aerial 360™ Photo

Aerial Products

360 Photos

A high-quality interactive 360 degree photo of the property, shot from a bird’s eye view. Our 360 spherical photos give you the ability to be on location, where you can move in closer to study the property and surrounding areas or pan over to other areas of interest for a better look. Easily view the interactive 360 photos on desktop, tablet, mobile by simply moving your mouse or finger.

Aerial Site Surveys

A high-resolution 2D orthomosaic map for integration into your planning workflow, complete with your selection of needed data, including: contours, elevation and more, with integrated measuring and volume tools. All data is provided in the format of your choice.

Aerial Site Flyover

Using flight design software, we create a dynamic, safe flight path over your site and autonomously execute video recording to capture data rich aerial content. Our Site Flyover provides a professionally edited video above and around your site, showcasing the features of the development, progress and the surrounding area.

Aerial Lot Photos

Edited aerial photographs shot from a variety of angles and compositions, are designed to best showcase the property and surrounding area for presentation, status updates or marketing purposes.

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