Hangar brings insight-rich aerial data to your sites, no logistics required

Not just a content provider, our technology team builds cutting edge aerial products

Turn every project into a success story with a suite of products that can help you manage your construction projects more efficiently, save money, meet timelines, and showcase progress to key stakeholders.

Hangar’s JobSight software can provide you with accurate progress updates that can be shared among contractors, team members and stakeholders to make more informed decisions, validate contractor payment requests and settle disputes or litigation.

Introducing Hangar JobSight for Enterprise

Where can we get immediate savings from Hangar?

Decrease Survey Costs

Traditional surveying takes time and has high costs, achieve comparable accuracy with aerial data at savings of often more than 10x.

Subcontractor Review

Jobsight creates a visual archive of your project so you can scroll through time to verify completion progress across all of your sites.

Accounting & Asset Management

Use regular data to always know what assets were on-site and when for bill validation, planning and forensics.

How can Hangar help me save time?

Communicate Progress

Showcase projects to stakeholders as they happen, with easy annotation and data presentation of progress over time.

Streamline Weekly Meeting

Team’s using Jobsight often save 8 hours a more a week of information compilation and meeting preparation by referencing aerial data.


Managing multiple sites at once, or involved in sites across a region? Cut down on team visits with weekly or monthly aerial data capture.

Hangar Products for Construction

Hangar’s JobSight product brings actionable insights to construction projects easier than any other method of aerial information gathering on the market.  Easily scroll through time from a top-down or facade view of your projects, export data, calculate distances and more from our web application or soon from directly inside Procore.

360 Photos

A high-quality interactive 360 degree photo of the property, shot from a bird’s eye view. Our 360 spherical photos give you the ability to be on location, where you can move in closer to study the property and surrounding areas or pan over to other areas of interest for a better look. Easily view the interactive 360 photos on desktop, tablet, mobile by simply moving your mouse or finger.

Aerial Site Survey

A high-resolution 2D orthomosaic map for integration into your planning workflow, complete with your selection of needed data, including: contours, elevation and more, with integrated measuring and volume tools. All data is provided in the format of your choice.

Aerial Site Flyovers

Using flight design software, we create a dynamic, safe flight path over your site and autonomously execute video recording to capture data rich aerial content. Our Site Flyover provides a professionally edited video above and around your site, showcasing the features of the development, progress and the surrounding area.

Aerial Lot Photos

Edited aerial photographs shot from a variety of angles and compositions, are designed to best showcase the property and surrounding area for presentation, status updates or marketing purposes.

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