A true partner for aerial data integration in industry

The platform for enterprise

Hangar is a platform partner for integrating aerial data into industry.  Our robust software stack, diverse technology ecosystem and large, app-coordinated network of drone operators allow for enterprise relationships at unparalleled scale.
Hangar can deliver this data directly into project management platforms or through our finely tuned software products, designed to help businesses make the most out of aerial insights.

Hangar's Infrastructure

We are making the acquisition of high-quality data easier than ever before by leveraging our proprietary autonomous flight control system, cloud processing platforms and a global network of drones.

System Architecture

At Hangar, we are firm believers in the science of efficiency. We work to ensure every piece of our platform helps our solutions scale, and that the data we present to clients helps them make decisions that increase efficiency and improve their bottom line. Hangar operates the most robust ground control system for DJI drones, matched with scalable cloud processing infrastructure for the data captured by those drones, all accessible to enterprise partners via API to tie into client systems.


Hangar maintains a network of licensed and insured operators throughout the US (and much of the globe) who gather Hangar data for client projects. In addition our partner network provides specialized data acquisition for specific industry initiatives. We can execute projects from small test cases in multiple environments to huge land-grab data acquisitions.


Hangar is proud to be not just developing our own cutting edge-tech, but to be the center of an ever-expanding technology ecosystem for aerial data acquisition. Our partners in data-processing, computer vision, deep learning and more help us develop unique solutions for industry using all the tools available in modern technology.


The world’s biggest beta platform for developing autonomous flights and cloud data processing. With 200,000+ autonomous flights executed by 30k+ operators using our autonomous software combined with our global pilot network, we can develop practices with known reliable software and insured operators, to give peace of mind to partners across the board.

Technology Provider

We’re developing a comprehensive stack for integrating aerial data into industry, and have built our company and systems architecture for long-term success with partners across technology. We’re here to innovate, drive new insights, and show savings at scale, using technology not manual torque.

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