JobSight: Aerial Project Tracking

A visual archive of your project from start-to-finish

Introducing JobSight from Hangar

Collecting data on your job site is only a piece of the bigger picture. Viewing, interacting with, and analyzing your aerial data in an easy-to-use interface gives context and insights to stakeholders in the field or in the office, and begins to provide serious value to projects over time.

360 Photo

View 360 Photos of your job site


View high resolution 2D maps of your site


Provide team members and contractors with critical information and feedback on a job site.

Historical Data

Scroll through a historical timeline of your project from the first date of capture until completion.


Calculate area, distance, and cut and fit volumes inside the job site tracker


Where you can see all of the archived snapshots of your project

Capture and Share

Share progress photos with stakeholders and key team members that are offsite.

Easy Ordering

Order additional 360 photos, videos or orthos from inside the Jobsite tracker by clicking on the desired location and selecting data type.

The JobSight Vision

We created Jobsight with the goal to bring immediate value to project-focused organizations in construction, architecture, inspection and data acquisition. The primary goals we had going into creating Jobsight were:

Save Time

Save time preparing for weekly construction meetings and communicating with team members

Save Money

Keep projects on budget by giving a full perspective of site progress that brings insights to subcontractor management, asset tracking and more.

Virtual Updates

Enable telepresence for stakeholders who can’t visit sites as they progress for better management and communication inside of and between organizations

Seamless Integration

Bring the data to the user with no processing needed, either in our web interface, or integrated in their favorite project management platforms

Forensic Accounting

Easily allow data to be compared over-time, for true job site status progress tracking on both micro and macro levels


Save up to 90% in expenses and weeks of downtime waiting for traditional surveys.

The Ordering Process

No need to own, fly, train on or maintain drones. Our licensed and insured pilots fly all jobs, and the data shows up inside of your Jobsight platform at regular intervals.

Order weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or ala-carte from our affordable package options.


Coming Soon: Procore Integration

Schedule a demo to see out how JobSight integrates into Procore