We’re building a platform that connects drones, people and data to make the places around us smarter, safer and more efficient.


Today, everything we do is about reinventing how industries see the world around them.

Every day, we’re blind to project mistakes that go uncorrected, cracks forming on bridges, storms damaging cell towers and much more. We can’t see what occurred last week, what is happening today, and we have no way to predict what will happen tomorrow.

If you want to inspect something, you must physically relocate yourself to that location or perspective. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a boat, helicopter or harness, or whether you’re holding a camera or flashlight – if you need to understand an environment or site, you must physically go there.

This is the paradigm drones are shifting.

Objects in the physical world are three dimensional, and can’t be digitized from the ground or space. Drones provide a vehicle to deliver never before seen, absolute contextual representations of the physical condition of any environment, over time, from many perspectives and sensor types. We can only manage what we can measure, and for the first time that includes the physical, spatial world.

We’re moving from digital bits, to digital atoms. From databases of 1s and 0s, to a physical world of atoms and molecules. From an internet of people, to an internet of things – all sensing, measuring and communicating information about the world around us.

The inherent value of drones isn’t in spinning propellers or the mechanisms maintaining their flight. Drones are really flying sensors, fusing near infinite mobility with data collection capabilities of the internet. Drones and the sensors they carry that are structuring information about the physical world at a rate not seen since the satellite.

We took on the challenge of making off-the-self drones commercially viable, developing autonomous software that transforms millions of consumer-grade drones into autonomous vehicles for sensor data. We’ve created a configurable platform that reached across best-in-class hardware, software and services to automate the end-to-end drone data supply chain into one seamless workflow. We’re providing insights into previously unseen worlds, addressing the big questions enterprises have about their assets and delivering meaningful answers on the scale of thousands.

Hangar’s mission is to bring the benefits of autonomous drones, workflow automation and intelligent analytics to places in every stage of their lifecycle – from construction to operation – helping industries work more safely, efficiently and intelligently.

As the world moves from the digital bit to the digital atom, and as data sciences, compute power, machine learning, IoT sensors and robotics converge – Hangar will shift how industries operate. How they see, how they think, how they scale. How they collect bigger, better data and turn that data into previously unseen insights and economic opportunities.

We’re entering an age where autonomous robotics are transforming how companies operate, industries evolve, and new economic opportunities are discovered in the data we capture and the insights we uncover.

Join us in leading the next era of industry.

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