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Currently, the process of acquiring and maintaining drone insights at scale isn’t feasible. Either enterprises are attempting to do-it-themselves and realizing the complexities of airspace restrictions, licensing, insurance, in-house employees and other challenges that limit adoption – or enterprises are settling with limited data types available from any single Drone Services Provider or processing vendor. In either case time, resources, budgets and data are sacrificed.

We’re seeing phenomenal growth within industries who have been struggling with low margins, project delivery delays, major cost overruns and low levels of productivity for years. These industries are a cornerstone of the world’s economy and constitute the largest single component of our national GDP. We’re empowering these industries with a new era of visual information, as well as an integrated platform that spans the project lifecycle and all stakeholder levels.









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Introducing JobSight

JobSight provides on-demand, no-logistics access to visual insights across your projects. We’ve automated the entire drone data supply chain, from request to delivery, unlocking previously unseen visual insights and perspectives that help you work more safely, efficiently and intelligently.

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Robotic process automation increases productivity by 50% while requiring 72% fewer resources. Automate first. Automate ambitiously. Automate with purpose.
The construction industry still has generally low levels of automation. That looks set to change, however, as technological advances – in robotics, for instance – open up enormous new possibilities. New technologies in the digital space (such as unmanned aerial vehicles, low-cost sensors, remote operations and autonomous control systems) could become significant enablers of innovation in construction equipment.
The Boston Consulting Group
Early technology adopters— construction firms which embrace cloud, mobile, and project management innovations that enable them to extract and capitalize on incredibly rich data insights about real-time and future project performance — will be positioned for megaproject success.
Businesses will need strong partners that can help them quickly assess and take advantage of potentially game-changing but little-known intelligent automation technologies, often offered by small, emerging vendors.
According to a recent study, full-scale digitalization in non- residential construction would, within 10 years, be capable of producing annual global cost savings of $0.7-1.2 trillion (13-21%) on Engineering & Construction and $0.3-0.5 trillion (10-17%) in the Operations phase.
The Boston Consulting Group
Companies that have implemented, refined, and integrated their project data and analytics strategies are in a prime position to improve processes, decision making, and performance –and to seize competitive advantage.
A recent McKinsey analysis suggests that existing digital technologies, when applied comprehensively and efficiently, can reduce overall project costs by as much as 45 percent.
McKinsey & Company
Historically, claim resolution favors the organization that can provide the greatest volume of project documentation to support its stated position and associated cost impacts.
Historically, claim resolution favors the organization that can provide the greatest volume of project documentation to support its stated position and associated cost impacts.
Project Management Institute