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How it works

Hangar JobSight automates every step of the construction process, from initial site analysis to data capture, insight generation, and the ongoing monitoring and inspection of your structure. Simply identify what they want captured, when, and how often. An automated drone will begin capturing ultra-precise and consistently accurate data for the duration you set. Data will be uploaded in near real-time and transformed into your JobSight viewer.








Request a project

From within an intuitive map-based viewer, request a new mission for any asset you’d like to digitize – whether it’s construction, infrastructure, telecom, or energy. Then tell us exactly what you want captured, when, and how often.

We’ll plan your mission

Our team will create a custom-tailored flight plan for each phase of your project that will enable certified pilots to autonomously capture the same datasets with industry-leading accuracy and precision.

If you’re interested in planning JobSight missions tailored for each phase of your project(s), Hangar offers an in-depth training and certification program.

You fly? We fly? It doesn’t matter.

With defined mission plans and Autopilot intelligence, there’s really only one flawless pilot executing the same path in the 3D world with absolute precision and accuracy. Whether we coordinate a pilot or you fly yourself, it’s really only a matter of pressing “go.”

Behind the scenes magic

As soon as data is uploaded to the Hangar cloud, it will undergo a multitude of transforms that pull in dozens of partner technologies to automatically convert thousands of raw data files into curated spatial insights.

Receive inSight

Within minutes of upload, your insights will be available within the JobSight viewer, or a viewer of your choice. We’ll securely store all your digital assets and insights or the life of your project – and the lifespan of the asset. You control who has secure access to insights, and what tools they’re available in, like Procore.


Frequently asked questions

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Because all Hangar mission plans are fully autonomous, any person with a DJI drone, and access to your flight plan through the Hangar App can plug in and execute at any time. No manual flying is required from the ‘operator.’
Hangar integrates seamlessly into Procore, bringing visual insights to your preexisting workflows. Data can also be downloaded from JobSight, allowing you to import, analyze and execute in any program your organization is using.
Hangar mission plans are operator agnostic. Hangar will work with your provider to bring their service to the next level by providing structured data with complete site awareness, autonomously.
Hangar is a platform that automates the processes from capture, ingest (upload) sorting, transforming, and delivery. We are a system of systems for Drone Service Providers to use. Hangar does not have a team of Pilots, Hangar works closely with DSP’s to provide a scientifically credible, structured approach to data capture on-site.
On average Hangar Insights are delivered within 48 hours of capture.
Without an automated solution, your data will not correlate across time. The potential for change detection, and full site awareness only happens when we take our mistake prone thumbs off the sticks.

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