Autonomous Robotics at the Kinetic Edge

Hangar and join to introduce a new innovation as it becomes reality and socioeconomically impactful.


Hangar is transforming how industries see the world by combining drone hardware, software, and data analytics in an end-to-end platform that’s the first of its kind. It gives owners and operators across Industry the previously unseen insights they need to work more safely, efficiently, and intelligently.


Vapor IO has developed the first end-to-end platform for building and operating autonomous data centers at the edge of the network. Referred to as the Kinetic Edge, Vapor IO’s technology enables highly-distributed micro data centers to be embedded in the wireless and wireline infrastructure, colocated with the last mile or Radio Access Network (RAN), and meshed together with software and high-speed fiber for remote operations, fault tolerance, low-latency workloads and scale.



The Kinetic Edge

Hangar and join to introduce a new innovation as it becomes reality and socioeconomically impactful.

Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge deconstructs the traditional “large building” data center into a cluster of tightly-integrated hyper-local micro data centers connected by high-speed fiber and embedded in the urban fabrics, such as at the base of cell towers. The distributed nature of the Kinetic Edge makes it possible to span an entire city, provide low-latency hyperscale compute at the edge of the wireless and wireline networks. In essence, the Kinetic Edge presents a city-sized, software-controlled virtual data center that, while comprised of IT equipment spread across hundreds of square miles, behaves as if located in the same building.

Hangar’s Robotics-as-a-System will use the Kinetic Edge to plan and execute autonomous missions that produce 4D Visual Insights for Enterprises in many industries. Hangar’s real-time system includes data sources that are required for autonomous robotics, but is also capable of delivering on the requirements for autonomous cars, including precision navigation, micro-location, micro-climate, airspace integration and universal traffic management.

The first Kinetic Edge deployment is underway in Chicago.

By partnering to deliver Robotics-as-a-System capabilities at the Kinetic Edge, the companies aim to deliver –

Autonomous robots will let municipalities and commercial businesses perform highly-specialized tasks, such as building or infrastructure inspections, at much lower costs and achieve much better outcomes. Gartner estimates that $3.7 Billion was generated from approximately 175k commercial drones in 2017. A recent study by AUVSI estimates that In the US alone, drones have the potential to create $82 billion in positive economic impacts and generate more than 100,000 jobs by 2025.

By encouraging diverse ecosystem players to leverage the Kinetic Edge as a general-purpose, shareable platform, Vapor IO seeks to enable services for autonomous vehicles that will include precision navigation, microlocation, microclimate awareness and universal traffic assistance.

By offering a single, shared and open infrastructure to support any number of of autonomous devices—not just drones, but also cars, trucks—the Kinetic Edge will attract a diverse ecosystem of suppliers and consumers of shared autonomous services.

“The tens of thousands of autonomous robots being deployed by public and private organizations will require a national edge infrastructure,” said Jeff DeCoux, founder and CEO of Hangar. “As these robotics go to work, they will depend on low-latency services at the edge, including precision navigation, micro-climate decision support, and high speed ingest of data to assure safe and secure deployment. We have been working with Vapor IO for over a year and are confident that the Kinetic Edge will meet these needs now and into the future.”
JEFF DECOUX, Founder & CEO of Hangar
“Hangar has run hundreds of thousands of drone missions, capturing imagery for millions of objects. They are the de facto standard for autonomous drone deployments,” said Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO. “Combining Hangar’s technology with Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge will create a nationwide footprint for completely autonomous drone missions, paving the way to deliver critical infrastructure for all types autonomous vehicles, not just drones, but also cars and trucks.”
COLE CRAWFORD, Founder & CEO of VaporIO