As Towercos prepare for the 5G rollout, they’ll have to first take stock of their infrastructure, and introduce automation and analytics into their workflows.


Tower inspections are stuck in the past

The traditional process for tower inspections is antiquated, manual and redundant.

Rising demand creates fundamental logistics problems for towercos who require a new velocity and depth of inspections to keep pace with tenant inquiries and rollouts.


When an inspection is required, a team must physically travel to a site, and a technician must climb a tower to take measurements or photos, by hand, on an isolated region of a tower. At any time during an inspection, there is potential for inaccuracies, unclear imagery, errors or omitted values.


Because conventional inspection methods make poor use of time and resources, they are expensive and cost prohibitive. When there’s a question about equipment or available space, inspections typically involve a truck roll, a specialized team onsite, expensive equipment and repeat visits.


Tower climbing is consistently one of the deadliest professions in the US. Climbers often rely on bad information about the condition of a tower, and must be prepared to encounter unexpected obstacles as they navigate potential fall hazards, electrical dangers, falling objects, insects, wildlife, and weather.


Inspection information is collected by a variety of sources, and data is trapped in a mix of offline systems, USB drives, private laptops, poorly integrated systems and other data silos. This inhibits the ability to link inspection insights with repair scheduling, billing systems or sales software.


The process of collecting data on towers is inherently problematic and inaccurate. Data is often collected for focused areas of a tower. At any time in this process, there is the potential for incorrect dimensions, misplaced decimals, blurry images or omitted values altogether.


There are barriers to rolling out 5G

The industry will invest $400B in 5G rollout over the next 5 years. In order to meet ambitious timelines, towercos will have to overcome considerable challenges.

Unknown Tower Capacity

Towercos lack complete records of the equipment mounted on their towers, and have limited data on the capacity of towers to accept more equipment. This inhibits the ability to plan new 5G equipment deployments, and can lead planners to erroneously engineer more expensive new tower builds than are necessary.

Skilled Labor Shortage

Labour markets are extremely tight, and finding, training and retaining sufficient skilled technicians to meet today’s demands are an ongoing challenge. To meet ambitious 5G build schedules, towerco businesses will need to introduce automation, digitization and analytics into their workflows to create new performance and productivity opportunities.

Manual Inspection Workflows

Auditing tower equipment today is a manual task, requiring workers to physically climb towers, measure available mounting slots by hand, and visually check each piece of equipment. This process is slow, dangerous and error-prone. To be viable in the 5G era, this process will increasingly require automation and artificial intelligence.

Siloed Data & Decision-Making

Tower data is collected by many different sources, and towercos must often rely on fragmented, incomplete and incorrect datasets when making evaluations and purchase decisions. As 5G begins to roll out, towercos will need to collect a shared source of truth about tower inventories that isn’t limited by human constraints.

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