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Today, everything we do is about reinventing how industries see the world around them. Tomorrow, we’ll transform how we build it together.

Autonomous robotics are beginning to shift how industries operate. How they see, how they build, how they scale. How they collect bigger, better data and turn that data into previously unseen insights and economic opportunities.

But beyond the construction, telecom, and energy industries we help now, this change will affect everyone, everywhere, well into the future. And it will happen in ways beyond current human capabilities. It will allow us to work more intelligently than ever before.

If today, our mission is to be at the forefront of a new, autonomous era. Tomorrow, we’ll be creating the robotics technologies that enable global industries to join us there.

We’re entering an age where autonomous robotics are transforming how companies operate, industries evolve, and new economic opportunities are discovered in the data we capture and the insights we uncover.

Join us in leading the autonomous era.

+ The Kinetic Edge Is Here

Our Autonomous Future

An autonomous future is the next evolution of intelligent, unmanned technology where “cognitive machines” will match, outperform, and enhance human performance across a range of workplace activities. These could include the building, management, and surveillance of project sites — applications that Hangar has started helping with today.

As a company that’s at the forefront of autonomous robotics, we believe in the massive potential of a fully autonomous world and its impact on the global economy. No industry will be left untouched by these innovations, and even the poorest-performing segments will go through a period of operational transformation that will change how they see and build the world for everyone.


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